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Westfront Visitor Centre

The Westfront Museum provides the full story of the flooding of the polder area, which stopped the German invasion of Nieuwpoort. An interactive visitor centre has been set up under the monument. It is possible to take a lift to the top of the King Albert I monument to enjoy an amazing view of the coast and the polders of the Westhoek.

Nieuwpoort’s Marina

Did you know that the Nieuwpoort marina is the largest in Northern Europe? This beautiful marina can be found at the end of the Havengeul or harbour channel. Wander along the Ijzer to Nieuwpoort City.

The Ijzermonding

This nature reserve is the only one in Belgium where the fresh water of the Ijzer mixes with the salty seawater, causing a biotope for plants and animals. It is also a resting area for seals so you just might see one!

Lenspolder Children's Farm

You can meet the cutest barnyard animals at this children’s farm. Learn all about life on the farm in a playful and educational manner. There is also a signposted walking route for exploring the entire region.


Nieuwpoort’s lighthouse is located on the right bank of the Ijzer estuary. It is 29 metres high and is the third lighthouse in the city. The previous two did not survive the World Wars. The lighthouse can be reached in various ways including by taking the ferry to the right bank. An exciting adventure that gives you a beautiful view of your destination!

Yser Memorial

The Iron Memorial is close to the Ieper lock. It was designed in the 1930s by the artist Pieter Braecke and has been dedicated to the First World War. A woman stands on a tall pillar, protecting the Belgian crown with her hands. The statue is facing west because the enemy, the Germans, came from the east. An injured soldier, a blind person, a sick person and a strong person surround the statue. They represent the Belgian resistance.