Just as we want to be a pioneer with technology, we at ibis Styles Nieuwpoort also want to distinguish ourselves by going to great lengths to relieve the earth as much as possible.​

‘We only have 1 Earth, so take care of it.’

Our contemporary lifestyle, demands a lot from our beloved Mother Nature. It is therefore of utmost importance that we are fully aware of this and each make our individual contribution to keep our one and only hometown livable.

We at ibis Styles Nieuwpoort want to reduce our ecological footprint on the environment.

Our mission started when the hotel was built; we work every day with eco-efficient installations such as our low-energy heat pumps that keep the hotel warm in winter and cool in summer. Additionally, all water pipes were hyper-insulated, which minimizes energy waste. Also our toilets are flushed with rainwater that is collected in our wadi that can be found in the garden.

In the day-to-day operation of the hotel, the staff goes to great lengths to reduce waste. This ranges from digitizing all paperwork to using local ingredients in our meals and dishes.

As our guest, I am sure you will have noticed our many efforts. No plastic cups or other individual disposable products can be found in all our hotel rooms. At the reception foodwall you can find numerous Fairtrade products and organically produced dishes. These include our range of ‘Purato’ organic wines, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and the delicious bars of Tony’s Chocoloney.

Our team is ready to help you discover the various hiking and biking routes. Don’t forget to take a look at the nature reserve near the hotel, which is freely accessible every day and full of surprises!

The entire ibis Styles Nieuwpoort team is always open to your suggestions to make the hotel’s operation and, more importantly, your stay even more environmentally friendly.